Firehouse 13
41 Central Street
Providence, RI 02907

Firehouse 13 is always evolving and we love your input, ideas, talent, initiative and business.

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Building history

Historically known as the Good Will Engine Company, Firehouse 13 was built in 1856. The Good Will Engine Company was originally the Providence Fire Department’s training school for cadets. The second floor was the living quarters and the third floor was a meeting hall and tactical training room. Horse drawn fire trucks and stables occupied the first floor into the early 20th Century. Standing four stories high, including the bell tower, Firehouse 13 was a prominent building on a hill overlooking downtown when erected. A mere half century later, the firehouse was dwarfed by the construction of massive industrial mills that stand adjacent today. Decommissioned in 1950, and abandoned from the mid 1980s until 2001, Firehouse 13 is enjoying a rebirth.

Mission Statement

Firehouse 13: It’s not about money, it’s not about fame, and it’s not about ego: it’s only about the scene; the community. It’s about a secret told only in Providence: whispered from hipster to hipster, punk to punk, kid to kid over the booming echo of clinking glasses and drunken nonsense. It’s about reaching out and snatching that secret from its prison of obscurity and embedding its key in your minds: you, the willing, the able, the open, the present. It’s about living every moment of it just to share in its raw spirit… stereo. It's in our blood, this music scene. It pumps from our hearts and courses through our veins. It's in us.. It IS us.. It's intrinsic.. It's Firehouse 13. It's about connecting artists, musicians, comedians, promoters & their supporters! We are not just another music venue. We are a family deeply devoted to the music & the community!

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